Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"The last thing I remember is him saying he would buy my next drink"...

......"and then I woke up to him saying....So there is the tattoo"(which was located on her butt cheek)...... Yes I actually heard that quote yesterday, and I couldn't help but to BUST out in laughter. I needed a little laughter in my day yesterday... I was in court ALL day, and even had 2 completely pointless trials about "hunting over baited fields" that lasted 1 hour and 45 min. a piece... It was pretty miserable! What defense do you possibly think you have when the game warden walks up on you in a tree stand with your gun loaded and corn all over the ground? And then things do not get any better for you when you point the gun at the game warden and yell "Who the F are you? Get outta here, you are messing up my deer hunting!" Some people are so stupid!!!

I literally can not even tell funny stories from court yesterday because I am SO sick of it right now (after yesterday)! But i do have a pretty exciting day today.. Me and the fiance are going to talk to the travel agent to book our honeymoon to BELIZE!! I am really getting excited about the wedding and moving to a new house. Last week I had the walls in his house repainted and got a new kitchen table. The next step is to put in the invisible fence, because my dog is a holy TERROR and she runs off all of the time!! However, she is the CUTEST corgi of all time!... she is my little princess PATSY :)

We also have and engagement party and my bridal tea coming up in about a week, and I am super pumped! All of my friends have done such a good job planning my engagement party... especially Laura !!(she is my really responsible friend that is always so good with things like this!)... I love having all of my friends and family together for a good time... and my sister is even bringing a date home from college!! I haven't met the boy yet... but from what i hear about him, he is going to be a winner and lots of fun!! However, I am a little worried about him being a big republican... haha just kidding! My sister will probably kill me for writing this!!!

Just because I am OBSESSED with my sweet corgi puppy.....


  1. you are such a NUT! love the stories and you too! call you this week!
    ev and york